How to Maintain The Beauty and Durability of Your Flower Bouquets from That Special Someone

As a form of gratitude or affection, there is nothing wrong with you trying to take advantage of floral arrangements given by your loved one in the right way. Not only is it just placed in a flower vase, but you must also try these creative ways. In the meantime, you might also need to check out the excellent arreglos florales in the nearby flower store

Flowers do not have to be displayed on the table, making wall decorations make you feel more at home.

Not a few people just let the flowers given by their loved ones dry and end up in the trash. Instead of wilting without memories, preserving her as a house decorator makes her feel happy and satisfied to have given you flowers.

The method is simple, you only need to stretch the flower stalk on the wall of the house and stick it with transparent masking tape. Make sure each stalk is arranged “lined up” like a curtain. In this way, in addition to remembering the gifts of people, you can also feel the beautiful atmosphere with the presence of this kind of wall decoration. No wonder, you also will definitely feel at home all day at home!

If you want to enjoy your own flowers from your loved ones, make sure you keep them in a silica gel bath so that they keep fresh until later.

Flowers are one sign of love. In order for your love to be maintained, keep the flowers given by your loved ones in the right way. If you usually leave it in a table vase and wither in a matter of days. Now you can preserve it even longer.

First, put silica gel in a large container. Then put the flowers and pile evenly so that silica gel can go between the flowers. Do it slowly. And don’t forget to choose a smooth silica gel. Then close tightly and save.

If you still want to place it in a vase, just keep it for 3-5 days. After that, arrange your dried flowers in a vase. In this way, guaranteed the beauty of flowers no longer fade easily in an instant. It’s easy, right?

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